Many wondered how PC/Xbox 360 MMOFPS Huxley would maintain gameplay balance if half the players were using a mouse and keyboard while the other half were using an Xbox 360 controller. The answer, of course is, "Oh wait, never mind, we're not doing cross-platform play."

A rep for, the online game hosting the PC version, told Joystiq that "at this point", cross-platform play between the 360 and PC versions is off the table. "At this point" seems to imply that the feature could be implemented later on but who knows. MMO's tend to get scaled back a bit as their development continues on.

To balance out that bad news, the company revealed that the game won't require a monthly subscription. Instead, it will be supported by microtransactions, small payments for additional items or services. Not a huge surprise, as the game's being developed in Korea and a microtransaction model is more common in the East.

Huxley's closed beta for the North American PC version began yesterday. It runs until June 14th.

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