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To top off a pretty impressive E3 conference, Microsoft brought out Hideo Kojima to announce that the Metal Gear Solid series is coming to Xbox 360. It's not Metal Gear Solid 4, as was rumored, but something else entirely.

Metal Gear Solid Rising is currently in development for the 360. It was announced during the "exclusives" portion of the conference so it seems the 360 is the only platform getting it (could be mistaken on that, though). A brief trailer was shown with some still images. It's apparently centered on Raiden, the wuss from MGS2 who became a fairly cool cyber ninja in MGS4. Kojima said that he can't tell us much more right now but promises it will be a "new Metal Gear experience."

No clue on when the game will be released or what exactly it's about but shit, MGS on the 360. The series has been huge for PlayStation over the years so this seems like a real coup on Microsoft's part.

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