It was bound to happen, people. In fact, last year we had an editorial running right here at Blend Games about this very issue, regarding Microsoft and digital media downloads being their alternative to adopting to Blu-ray for 2009. If memory serves me correctly (and with the help of the search engine in our backend), the article was called, Microsoft’s Answer to Blu-Ray is DMD? Well, it’s not just speculation anymore, it’s fact.

Electronic Theatre recently broke the news that later this year Microsoft will be offering full game downloads via their subscription based Xbox Live service.

According to ET, they stated that they… ”would suggest that the new service is a direct effort to combat the pre-owned market, as opposed to a step towards removing high-street retail from the equation altogether. It’s likely that games will launch on the service once they have peaked at retail, possibly more than a year after initial release as seen with the titles demonstrated so far.”

Electronic Theatre also suggests that this measure could be put into effect to combat the used game market. Though, I’m not sure if people will be more inclined to buy overly expensive hard-drives to play games they could buy for $19.99 at local retailers who sell used games.

We’ll keep you posted on any new information regarding this new feature. So be sure to stay tuned in with Blend Games.

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