Sony officially announced the worst kept secret of E3 2009, the PSP Go! It’s not designed to replace the PSP 3000, it was designed to work as a portable alternative for gamers who are always on the go.

As mentioned in previous news posts regarding the leaked PSP Go!, the handheld will feature wireless connectivity, a slide-out controller pad, a smaller, sleeker design, it will be priced at $249.99 and it’s due out this fall…October 1st, to be exact. It will also launch with the new and improved PlayStation Store that will offer streaming movies, more television content and access to shows from popular cable television programming.

Did I happen to mention that they announced that games can now be downloaded digitally from the PlayStation Store onto the PSP Go!? Well, if I failed to mention it before I’m mentioning it now. In addition to all of this, Sony also announced that development costs for the PSP would drop by more than half, which would open the door for far more programs and gaming applications to be developed for the handheld at a fraction of the usual costs.

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