All throughout the E3 conference segment dealing with the fitness genre in video games, Ubisoft consistently refers to cameras for their upcoming Wii fitness game. Now, we were instantly under the impression that the new game would utilize Microsoft’s NATAL tech, but alas, Ubisoft will be using their very own camera technology.

Ubisoft announced that due out later this year, exclusively for the Wii, the game Your Shape is designed to work without straps, rubber-bands, or Wii-motes. Instead, gamers are basically paying for a new camera and a game that shows you how to get in shape and all it’ll cost you is a little less than an arm and a leg.

Now, this fitness technology isn’t all bad. Some of the features are kind of cool, insofar that Your Shape allows users to specify what part of their body they would like to work out and how much they plan to work out. As I said, it’s kind of cool.

Throughout the workout session users will receive feedback, stats and hints and tips on effectively increasing the efficiency of their workout. It’s not something that seems to push gaming forward like the innovations of NATAL, but I’m sure fitness gurus will enjoy this…eh, non-game.

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