EA and Klei Entertainment’s original new side-scrolling, flash-based action game has been turning heads and getting the attention of the game community ever since it debuted at last year’s E3. The over-the-top action game was on the receiving end of a handful of new screenshots at this year’s E3 and they depict the hero performing a variety of cool maneuvers.

The screenshots (of course) don’t do the game half as much justice as it deserves, given that it’s like a cracked-up version of Metal Slug on steroids. Shank sees players dual-wielding, knife-slashing and bad-guy-throwing their way through levels that look like they’ve been contrived from Michael Bay films.

The following screenshots feature the protagonist blasting the enemy down with guns, throwing bad guys at other bad guys and generally opening a can of kick butt like Steven Seagal during the early 90s.

You can check out the new shots of Shank below or visit the Official Website to learn more about the game.

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