Hollywood.com has an interesting new feature up that asks, “What 10 video game worlds would you like to live in?” They go on to lists 10 video game worlds that they would find appealing and I’m sure many of you will be surprised at the list.

First of all, I must point out that any lists that contains Left 4 Dead should not be a list pertaining to “A place I’d like to be” because as one of the posters pointed out at the Hollywood.com article, you would be dead in the first 10 minutes. See I’d go with something like Tomb Raider 2, where you get great scenery, exotic vehicles, lush environments and enemies who are too stupid and stiff to pose any sort of threat. That's not to mention that most enemies got stuck on corners so it's not like you'd have to be in good shape to get away...just stand next to a polygonal ridge and watch the bad guys get stuck.

Better yet, I'm thinking Elmos’ Alphabet Adventure...this way I know I’m going to be most dangerous thing in the land given that the only opposition I’m going to get is from some fluffy floating number that I could probably eat.

Anyway, in addition to Left 4 Dead the list also contains horribly dangerous environments like Red Dead Redemption, Halo, Grand Theft Auto, Super Mario 3 and get this…God of War??? This is more like “The Top 10 List of Video Game Worlds For People With A Death Wish”. The first five seconds of Mario 3 and you’ll end up in a bottomless pit…yeah don’t let the Jamaican steel drums and bright colors fool you.

Nevertheless, you can check out the complete list over at Hollywood.com and their reasons why it would be cool to live in some of the most dangerous environments known to gamers, or feel free to post up your top 10 list of video game worlds you would enjoy living in, below.

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