Crackdown 3
I really didn't see the Crackdown 3 announcement coming. The only evidence of the game came last year when Xbox boss Phil Spencer said he'd be interested in the game if they found the "right team and time." That sounded like empty reassurance but Spencer backed up his words at the press conference.

What's more, the cinematic trailer they showed was fantastic. It's more absurd than any action movie scene you'll watch this summer. The video captured what's great about the series: the opportunity to be a superheroes in cop uniforms with your friends. It also hints that we'll see more environmental destruction than ever before.

I was also happy to hear that series creator Dave Jones will be returning to the project. It's tough to gauge one person's contribution to a massive project like a AAA game. Nonetheless, it's good to see that the new Crackdown will have some continuity to the Xbox 360 games that came before it.

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