Murasaki Baby
From the Tim Burton-esque art style to the refreshingly unique touch-based puzzles, the Vita’s Murasaki Baby has become a slightly bigger blip on my radar after getting in some time with the game.

The titular tyke, with her upside-down face and adorable animations, is bizarrely endearing, and guiding her through a side-scrolling world of monsters and mayhem was kind of fun. The controls are simple and intuitive, requiring the player to tap enemies that buzz onto the screen, physically take the baby by the hand to get her to walk, and catch her balloon before it flies away when she gets scared. You’ll also need to drag lights around to light dark passages and perform some basic swipe motions to get her to run and jump.

What sets this one apart from the pack, however, are the swappable backgrounds. The background can be shifted with a quick back touchscreen swipe, and their individual “abilities” can be activated with a back touchscreen tap. Need the power of wind to solve a puzzle? Swap to the background with windmills and set off a breeze with a quick tap. Is a monster holding up a ramp and preventing you from passing? Slide over to the jack-in-the-box background, tap it to activate the devilish devices, and watch as the critter runs away in fear.

This was an early stage, so the puzzles were pretty straightforward. What I got to sample, though, has me eager to once again take Murasaki Baby by the hand and get to exploring its dark and twisted world.

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