The Revolution is set to be an open world game, featuring a main story and side jobs for the player to get involved with on their quest to freedom. Stenton said the game will offer a “reactive occupation,” with dynamic and evolving environments depending on what the player has accomplished. But what really sets the game apart, however, is the fact that you’re not playing a trained specimen of military perfection.

“You’re not a soldier in this game, you’re an everyman fighting for liberty, your family and freedom,” Stenton said. “This game is all about asymmetric warfare where the enemy has the clear advantage. Within this context, you have to rely on guerrilla tactics and choose the best points to strike back. You’ll need to build your resistance, scavenge for items and construct your own toolkit.”

Similar to the system seen in games like The Last of Us, the live gameplay demonstration showcased the player moving from war-torn streets to nearly destroyed buildings, picking up supplies and crafting items on the fly. Even the player’s firearm can be modified in a pinch, creating a weapon better suited to various situations.

Using a cell phone-like device to scan the areas ahead, the player can mark items of interest like enemy soldiers and cameras. You might be able to sneak up on a lone soldier and take them down silently, but it’s probably best to leave larger groups alone. You can also pick up bricks and use them to take out the cameras, allowing you to proceed without being spotted.

The gameplay demonstration ended with a bang as the player first dropped an RC car onto the ground, then made an improvised explosive device, which he promptly attached to the car. Using his handy phone once again, he then drove the RC car behind enemy lines and detonated it next to a locked door, igniting a fire-fight that hits all of the major FPS bullet points, including ducking behind cover and alternate paths through a given area, allowing for a bit of choice in how one attacks a situation.

From the looks of things, Homefront: the Revolution is shaping up nicely. Players can expect to join the fight for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, PC, Mac and Linux sometime in 2015.

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