When EA CEO John Riccitiello said that Dead Space would make its way to the Wii, he wasn't blowing figurative smoke up your figurative ass. On Wednesday morning EA announced Dead Space Extraction, an all-new installment in the survival horror series coming exclusively to the Wii.

Dead Space Extraction is a prequel to the PS3/Xbox 360/PC game. The story centers on a group of colonists trying to escape the infected colony of Aegis VII. Players will control a new female character who must save her crew from certain death.

As with the original Dead Space, the game features a mixture of puzzles and combat and will feature new weapons and enemies. Extraction will also introduce co-op play, presumably for two people. The game's being developed by the same studio as its predecessor - EA Redwood Shores - and is set for a Fall 2009 release. Check out the trailer below.

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