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We told you this morning about the response from Fox News on the Mass Effect issue. The tennis match continues on. After making erroneous comments on the game, dismissing Geoff Keighly (who happened to be the only person in the conversation who’d played the game), and causing a ruckus by filing a report that is false the “news” organization claimed they extended an invite to EA. As we said in our report earlier, there’s just no reason for EA to appear and boost Fox News’ ratings.

GameDaily BIZ heard from Jeff Brown, EA’s VP of Communications, who told them, ” Not much to say other than there's no interest here in another debate with an 'expert' that will say anything to sell a book. They need to step up and correct the record.”

Bravo. The point is not to have another pointless debate. As a long time expert on fruitless debates I’ve found that 100% of the time nothing is gained except stress and frustration. The fact is the report was blatantly false, and the only response required is an apology and retraction. Until Fox News fixes this, no fair-minded person can take them seriously as a news outlet. And we’ll deal with them fighting it at a later time, because as a professional I have no problem immediately fixing a factual error..

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