Squaresoft was the king of roleplaying games on Super Nintendo but one of the best RPG's of that era didn't have their fingerprints - Earthbound. In a long expected move, it looks like it's making its way to Virtual Console.

This week ESRB added Earthbound for Wii to their database under an "E" rating. That doesn't give us much information to go on as far as a specific release date but at least this means it's in the works. I'm sure a lot of folks are hoping a new Earthbound game is in the works too but there's been no news on that front since Earthbound 64 for Nintendo 64 was canceled.

For those of who haven't heard of Earthbound but enjoy old 2D RPG's, I'd suggest checking it out. While most RPG's back in the nineties were medieval fantasy, Earthbound was set in the modern day. Players controlled a group of kids investigating a mysterious meteor crash. It was from Japan originally and had a very off-beat sense of humor; in one segment of the game you battle a cult obsessed with the color blue. I seem to recall something about psychic monkeys too. Anyway, be on the look out.

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