PlayFirst announced today that they have added a new game to their stash of indie titles. Their latest addition is Emerald City Confidential. Developer, Dave Gilbert, puts a unique and quirky spin on the Wizard of Oz tale by adding some mystery, some suspense and a little CSI.

If the semblance isn’t blatantly obvious, the game’s title is mirrored after L.A. Confidential, the famed, award-winning film with Kevin Spacey and Guy Pierce. In the game the world of Oz is transformed into an adventure tale set within a noir atmosphere.

Classic characters from the movie also appear in the game, such as the Scarecrow, the Lion, Dorothy and the Tin Man. New foes and friends are also present. The game looks kind of cool and fun. You can check out the features of the game below:

* Over 50 beautiful and detailed environments to explore
* First PlayFirst game with full voiceover – 36 characters and over 6,000 lines of spoken dialog
* A new story and twist on the timeless world and classic characters of Oz

You can download the trial or learn more about the game by visiting the Official PlayFirst Website. This is probably a must-play for adventure fans looking for a new story on a classic tale. For more information and news regarding all things gaming, be sure to stay tuned in with Blend Games.

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