Though expensive Collector's Editions are common on the PS3 and Xbox 360, they've yet to really catch on the Wii. However, Disney Interactive seems to think Epic Mickey can buck that trend.

Toys 'R Us is now listing an Epic Mickey Collector's Edition. They've even got a picture of it, which rules out the possibility of this being a clerical error. The CE is priced at $69.99 and comes with the following stuff:
  • Special packaging
  • Disney Epic Mickey Game
  • Exclusive 5 inch Collectible Vinyl Epic Mickey Figure
  • Special Edition DVD with behind the scenes footage and additional marketing assets and videos
  • Epic Mickey Stylized Wii Remote Faceplate
  • 2 Epic Mickey Stylized Wii Console skins
Toys 'R Us estimates the shipping date at November 15th. Disney has yet to announce a firm release date for the game.

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