The RPG that has been receiving warm welcomes from across the video game community is now being presented to gamers in the form of a playable demo. Namco Bandai recently announced that the demo is now currently available to any gamer that has access to downloadable demos via Xbox Live. So I guess that means it’s time to turn out some musical masterpieces.

"Eternal Sonata is a game that immerses players in a world as rich and vibrant as the music of Chopin," said Makoto Iwai, Executive Vice President and COO, Namco Bandai Games America. "The release of the demo marks the chance for gamers to finally experience this incredibly detailed and nuanced world, and we're confident that they'll be spellbound from the start."

It’s sort of funny thinking about how a development group named Tri-Crescendo is working on a game with the main character being named Chopin, and every gimmick in the game having to deal with music. Let’s just hope none of it sucks. Already the visual art-style is very appealing and makes the game look like it will be easy to get into and the battle sequences have an interesting charm to their mechanics.

Again, Xbox Live subscribers, both Silver and Gold, can download the demo via the Marketplace. The full version of Eternal Sonata is due out on September 17th for the Xbox 360. You can visit the Official Xbox Live Website for more information on the Eternal Sonata demo, or visit the Official Namco Bandai Website for more information on Eternal Sonata.

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