Japanese gaming magazine Famitsu may have unwittingly let the cat out of the bag regarding Hideo Kojima’s strange picture. The picture, composed of a few symbols and the words "The Next Metal Gear Solid is...", caused much speculation but now the mystery seems to have been solved. According to an article in Famitsu, the next Metal Gear involves touching and it's not talking about the DS.

The Japanese mag shows pictures of a new Metal Gear that’s played on, of all things, an iPhone. Many sites, such as Kotaku have speculated it looks as if it is a spin off of MSG 4 and because of the iPhone’s touch screen have opted for the name of Metal Gear Solid Touch. The iPhone has only recently entered the gaming market but something like this could really cement it as a major contender.

It should be noted that many aren’t sure that this is a true scanned image from Famitsu but it seems likely. File this under rumor but if this is really the case then the many of us who have been ignoring the iPhone may finally pony up the $200 to get one.

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