Gamers of the old-school MMO era may remember a little old series known as Everquest. Sony Online Entertainment is still supporting this classic series with brand new content scheduled to be released next year and it features some pretty big additions.

The Sentinel’s Fate add-on contains 400 brand new quests, two new overland zones and a bunch of new side-quests to tackle. That’s not to mention that there are enough new items to make up for a brand spanking new game. The visuals still look pretty good compared to today’s standards, too.

You can check out the new trailer for Everquest II: Sentinel’s Fate below and for those of you wondering when it’s due out, you’ll only have to wait until February 2010 to get your hands on it. However, if you’re stoked (or desperate) enough and can’t wait, you can pre-order the expansion pack now from the Official Website.

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