Gamers never really asked for it but it’s coming regardless, a free-to-play 3D Beach Volleyball MMO game. A MMORTS set in post-Roman Britain is also on the way called Excalibur.

According to Jonathan Seidenfeld, CEO of Omniverse Games…
“When I first saw the quality and potential for these games, I knew we had to bring them to the English speaking world”… “Both games fill niches sorely underrepresented in today’s market.”

It’s true that we get way, way too many fantasy, Asian-themed MMORPGs that all look the same. There are only a handful of games out there in the MMO universe that breaks the trend of standard mob-grinding and it’s at least good to know that beach volleyball fans will have something to play.

Excalibur, a browser-based MMORTS that chronicles the rise of King Arthur is basically a resource-collection MMO with the option of making and breaking alliances with other players. It’s expected to enter closed beta this month and open beta in April. Beach Vollyball Online will follow the launch of Excalibur a month later.

You can learn more about both games by visiting the Official Vollyball Website and Official Excalibur Website.

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