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Today Lionhead Studios sent out the first screenshots for upcoming RPG Fable III. They also gave some clues as to how the gameplay will change.

Fable III takes place fifty years after the first game, in the midst of an industrial revolution. The player leads a revolution to overthrow Albion's leadership and becomes King or Queen. They'll be forced to make numerous moral decisions as a revolutionary and as a ruler.

Moral choices have been a cornerstone feature of the series and it seems they're looking to flesh out this aspect further with F3. Player decisions will have huge consequences, "more so than ever before" according to the fact sheet. A new Dynamic Touch feature allows the player "to reach out and embrace a loved one, or exact retribution against those who have betrayed you". A character's morality will affect not only his appearance but also that of his canine companion and equipment.

F3 is currently slated for a "Holiday 2010" release.

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