13) Umaro
Profession: Yeti

Weaknesses: Partially mute, prone to random violence

Strengths: Untapped potential

Analysis: The first time we see Umaro, he tries to kill us for touching his bone sculpture or whatever the hell. The only reason we don't have to kill him is that Mog is his "boss." I don't want to know what that moogle did to Umaro to establish this kind of control over him but it seems to be enough to keep him in line.

Like Gau, Umaro is barely able to hold a conversation. Does he even know what's going on? Does he realize we're about to fight the world's most dangerous sorcerer or does he thinking we're going out for ice cream? It concerns me to bring someone with that limited of an intellect along with me. It sounds like a recipe for disaster.

On the other hand, he's got what NFL Draft experts would call "upside." He's the most physically gifted of all the characters in the game. Given the right mentoring, he could be an effective member of the team. Or maybe he'll just rip all of our arms off and build a house out of them for Mog.

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