Hate me all you want, but Final Fantasy Tactics was one of the most annoying games I’ve ever played in the Final Fantasy series. The disjointed gameplay and story took me way out of my FF playing element, and in turn it made me hate the series. That’s right, for all those people who say you either ‘love or hate Final Fantasy’, I’ve grown into the latter of the two descriptions. But Square-Enix is reviving the classic FF Tactics from the PSOne, for the PSP. Possibly in hopes of resuscitating the dying PSP handheld, and possibly in hopes of bringing a new form of vigor to the ubiquitously abundant Final Fantasy series.

What’s cool though, is that Square is implementing more story depth and more visual splendor to the aged title. So Final Fantasy Tactics will be a good looking, small version of what it was almost ten years ago. The Zodiac Brave Story will have PSP owners re-living the now classic tale with all the trinkets and truffles of the PSP. While you PSP Final Fantasy fans anxiously await the arrival of the new game you can check out a new trailer below.

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