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I’m going to call it: worst video game trailer of 2008. So far. Lucky for all of us who love horrible trailers, the year is still young. But the upcoming Eidos title, Highlander: The Game, has finally shown itself in trailer form. For a game announced over two years ago things are not looking good at all.

The trailer shows absolutely zero gameplay. And did I mention a horrible Scottish accented voiceover? No? Well, if you were to watch the trailer (conveniently placed at the bottom of this article) you would hear it for yourself. It includes such gems as, “Some may lose their head in the heat of battle. But not me.” The Highlander series has been castrated and kicked around enough, there’s no need to throw out insulting dialogue.

At this point anything Highlander is about as viable as Walter Matthau in a den of myopic prostitutes. In other words, don’t look for Eidos to be the ones to revitalize the franchise. But if you’d like to look at the trailer, it can be found below. I’m sorry.

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