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October is fast approaching and that means that racing fans won’t have long to wait until they can finally get their hands on the third outing in the Forza franchise. Just earlier today Blend Games’ own Pete Haas let the news fly loose about the upcoming Forza 3 demo which is something that any 360 race-fan might want to check out. But now, it’s time to bring you another Blend Games Media Blowout session thanks to GameTrailers, this time featuring gameplay and car vignettes of the upcoming Forza Motorsport 3.

The four new trailers depict different aspects of the game, each with their own measure of quality depth. The one trailer is all about Bugatti and the new Veyrone which will make its debut appearance in this year’s Forza Motorsport. It also happens to be the main image of this news story.

Another trailer showcases the game’s new rewind feature, so for those of you who can’t keep on the track you can rewind back and get a redo. This will be especially helpful for 50-100 lap endurance races where you get near the end and make a stupid mistake because your palms are sweaty and your eyes are tiring. So it’s cool they added that in there.

The last two trailers feature a quick race around Sedona and a practice lap in a Corvette. You can check out the new trailers below or visit the Official Website for more information on the game. Be sure to stay tuned in with Blend Games for further updates, news, info and media blowouts for all things gaming.

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