**Warning: Mission Spoilers Ahead**

There is a mission for something called “Battle Buddies”, where you can call your friends in to back you up during a mission. That seems kind of cool.

There's a cinema mode for single-player, but in another file I spotted flags for a multiplayer version of the cinema mode, so I'm assuming this is like the Cinema Mode in Garry's Mod where multiple players can head to a theater and watch the in-game movies. It would be really awesome if this could be used to watch videos from the Rockstar Social Network.

There is a fairground script where you can go ride on rides and stuff.

There are multiple entries for military and prison activities, one of which includes having to snipe off an army guy at a military base. The flags seem to indicate that it's a Cops and Crooks mission.

There are a number of “Arrest” flags, where players who are in the role of a cop will be required to arrest select NPCs or other players.

Another Cops and Crooks mission seems really cool – a crook is assigned a task to assassinate another player who is online (could be either a cop or a criminal) and it's up to the cops to track him down and stop him. This seems like something straight out of APB: Reloaded.

There's another mission that describes stealing a boat and boarding another enemy boat. Crooks must eliminate all the baddies on the enemy boat before the cops arrive.

Another CnC mission involves blowing up a strip club with a car bomb. There are some coordinates for the strip club, so it looks like this mission is preset and will not randomize to different locations. There's also an odd flag noting frame-rate issues that drops down to 14fps. If that's how low it gets during multiplayer then... ouch.

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