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Remember the very first time you stepped foot in Liberty City? No, not from a bird’s eye perspective full of sprites and bright colors but the first time you took control of The Guy from Grand Theft Auto III and were engulfed in the incredibly cinematic world that existed in front of you? Well apparently there was much more planned for the series than just living the sandbox genre life of Liberty's The Guy, Tommy Vercetti of Vice City or Carl “CJ” Johnson of San Andreas—it was set to become a feature film.

Reported in a brand-new section of Variety, reporter Ben Fritz states that big wig executives at Take 2 and Rockstar were in heavy talks to begin production on a full-length adaptation of the infamous conservative media target and was set to star…wait for it...Eminem. Insiders state that those who work with the franchise referred to it as a “done deal” around the office and were basically expecting an announcement at any moment when the agreement was all of a sudden cut short at the last minute.

Fritz doesn’t uncover a specific reason for how the deal collapsed but states “I'm told Take 2 couldn't finalize terms with the studio, though I'm not sure if it was a purely financial issue or if, in the end, the publisher got cold feet about giving away rights to its baby.”For the full article in Daily Variety, click here.

All things considered, I think not only have gamers (and pretty much the general public) dodged a bullet (pun intended) with having to not witness Eminem of all actors come in and try to take on the persona of such badass characters we’ve grown to love and kill with, but Rockstar will ultimately benefit in the long run. This is a series that the company has worked too damn hard on to just let go and make an easy buck off of—it’s something that has virtually defined the entire “sandbox” genre since it’s release. Not only that, but literally every single title that is released that bears the name “Grand Theft Auto” somewhere on it’s box earns the company millions in revenue.

No doubt many gamers will be divided on this one and of course it’s understandable that we would want to see our favorite characters on the big screen—but this is a series that is growing by leaps and bounds (just check out the features on GTAIV!) and it would be foolish to stifle it now. Let us know your thoughts on this one.

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