Gamecock has recently announced Legendary: The Box for major gaming consoles and PC platforms. In addition, they released some brand new screenshots of the game. This supernatural, action title combines myth with modern combat and puts players in the front-seat of an adrenaline pumping adventure.

If you need a complete run-down of the game, as well as a trailer, you can check out Brian’s Article regarding the announcement right here on CB Games. The game’s general premise follows a young thief who is tricked into stealing Pandora’s Box (obviously, he wasn’t a very bright thief) and the box unleashes mythological demons, creatures and fiends. So it turns into a all out fight to put the fuglies back into Pandora’s Box and defeat a secret society who was all about unleashing the chaos.

You can check out some screenshots of the game below. Legendary: The Box is set for release in spring of 2008 for major gaming consoles. You can check out the Official Legendary: The Box Website for more info and media.

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