Generic Damage Models
I mentioned before in an impression piece that I did have a minor gripe with Gas Guzzlers: Extreme, and it was in spite of the game's amazing visuals that the cars themselves didn't properly have accurate damage models. This minor quip rang especially true when the vehicles were reacting to collisions and incoming fire. A rocket to the back of a car didn't explode the back of the car, it just defaulted to the next model asset that suited the appropriate amount of health in the meter. Again, it's a minor thing given that Gas Guzzlers: Extreme is an indie game and that it was made on a much lower budget than other big time racers. This is also to say that despite this being a “con”, the damage models don't actually detract from the game's gloriously satisfying sense of destruction and vehicular carnage that takes place in arenas or on the race track.

Online Multiplayer
There's nothing much to write here because there was never a time where I was actually engaged in a much with other people. Sadly, no one is ever online in this game. I'm not sure if it's because the people who bought the game just don't care about multiplayer, if they were on at all times of the day when I wasn't on or that they weren't on at all times of the day when I did log on, but the online multiplayer is just non existent. There are various servers setup to run and allow for gamers to join at their own leisure, but good luck finding a game that actually has someone in it. This isn't the game's fault, but just a circumstance of the situation where there's no one online to play with, thus resulting in no online games being populated. A shame, too, because Gas Guzzlers: Extreme could be exceptional fun online... if there was ever anyone online to play with.

No Splitscreen
Again, another minor thing but a thing worth mentioning. While home consoles are trying to wall off content and limit playability by forcing online accounts over local play, there seems to be a reemergence of splitscreen play on the PC front, mostly due to Steam's support of Big Picture Mode and since you can plug-'n-play local games in Steam by hooking up two Xbox 360/One controllers. With that said, a splitscreen mode for Gas Guzzlers: Extreme could have been the one mode that helped make or break the game as a true, undeniable classic. Splitscreen certainly isn't the end of the world, and its absence doesn't really degrade any aspect of the game, but had it at least been an option it could have seriously raised the value of the game, especially since the online multiplayer is bust. Also, this entry is here mostly because here's hoping splitscreen makes it into the third game (if there is one) and because there really aren't any other "cons" with Gas Guzzlers: Extreme, which is a good thing for discerning gamers.

Gas Guzzlers: Extreme is available right now during the Steam Sale for only $12.99, but the game is regularly available for $24.99.

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