Hey, did you forget that there is a Gears of War 2 coming out this Fall? Me either. But Sony has been racking up points in the “Yay!” column so much lately that you forget Microsoft isn’t sitting idly in the corner, thumb in mouth. Today we get screenshots…and artwork. Yeah, artwork is cool and all – but concept work is usually something I only like to peruse after playing through a game. Seeing where ideas germinated is a little fun.

Not only do we have some new multiplayer screens, but campaign makes another appearance. With all this hoopla you’d think GoW 2 is a big deal. To me it looks pretty much like a barely modified Gears of War. This is just fine, thank you. I loved the original. My only problem is that when I hear “screenshot” I’m thinking we’ll see Marcus battling it out with a room full of Locusts. Some of these are picturesque portraits of the game world. Pretty. But not all that interesting.

In any case, feel free to enjoy the myriad screens and pieces of art in the gallery below.

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