Now it’s time for Cliffy B and Gears of War 2 action. The game, as I’ve said before, looks and plays exactly like the first game. But amidst the demo we meet some new Locust baddies. First up is a shielding hulk of a beast that swings a giant mace. Marcus takes him down and steals the huge shield, which he uses to protect himself from enemies. Then the team comes across a flame thrower wielding Locust. After dispatching him you have a toasty new weapon.

The demo ends with our first good look at a Brumak battle. Not just a Brumak, but hundreds of Locusts are swarming to the building Marcus and the COG team is in. They get out and come face to face with the monstrous enemy. The prompt on the screen says that you have to kill the Brumak pilot. After the pilot is dispatched Marcus says that they could ride the Brumak.

Horde is a 5 a brand new player coop mode where you take on wave after wave of the Locust Hordes.

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