Hello kids, it’s time to get the buzz rolling for Gears of War 2. Oh I know the game isn’t slated for release until November, but you crazy chainsaw using freaks are just about out of steam with Call of Dut 4. With nothing else on the horizon to match the online mayhem we turn our attention to Gears and some new leaked beta footage.

Below you’ll (hopefully) find a video showing off GoW 2 in multiplayer. This is off-screen footage, and thus not very clear. Hell, it’s often hard to discern characters from the background. But you do get to see some of the new mechanics, such as taking an enemy hostage and using them as cover.

At this point I imagine there’s some anal retentive people who would like a spoiler warning, so that’s it right there. It’s multiplayer footage though, so my personal opinion is the point is moot. Anyhoo, please to enjoy the forbidden video below.

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