I hope that Epic’s claim that the Gears of War 2 story is going to expand to explore other story arcs, introduce new characters and generally enrich a threadbare tale is true. One of the only things that makes GTA IV bearable to play after the first 10-15 hours is the storyline. Despite their penchant for providing big, bad and nonstop action I’d like to think even Epic knows when a good yarn should be spun.

A world being invaded from below by alien creatures that have been dormant for a long ass time is an interesting story. It deserves more than just to act as an excuse to have enemies onscreen, which is exactly what the “story” of Gears of War did. I’m hoping to be a little more engaged in the story this time around. Make me care about the fate of the world and a fight with a Brumak will turn from just another enormous boss battle to a desperate showdown to ensure the survival of mankind.

Other good news is the ability to change up individual difficulty in coop. Now you won’t be forced into embarrassment as you get riddled with Locust bullets as your buddy curses your existence. That’ll make the coop experience even better, and may possibly open up my wife to giving the bloody shooter a go.

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