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All right, so what if you were playing an MMO RPG-shooter based on the gameplay likes of Gears of War? Would it not be the coolest thing ever? Well, in some regards that’s exactly what an upcoming project, code-named Project E, is doing. So you want to take a look? Of course you do.

Project E is an upcoming project (duh) by Game Hi. The game mirrors the likes of most online RPGs via quests and leveling, but has all the fast-paced, intense action of a third-person shooter. To be more exact, Project E is almost an exact replica in the playing-style of Gears of War. What’s more, though, is that this is one of six projects currently under the development wing of Game Hi, a southeast Asian company.

The actual gameplay is an over-the-shoulder style experience, with frantic action that takes place in deathmatch-esque environments. The only difference between this and Gears of War appears to be the armor variations. But given that this is an RPG-shooter, what else would you expect? Info on the game has been kept to a minimum due to the fact that the game isn’t due out until 2010. I’m shocked Epic and Microsoft have yet to make a move on this project and streamline it into an actual Gears of War MMO.

But until an actual press release appears from MS regarding a Gears of War MMO, you'll have to make due with the two trailers of Project E, below. The first trailer is a CG video that looks fan-darn-tastic and the second trailer is of the actual gameplay. You can check out the Main Website for GameHI, but it's all in Korean...so good luck with that. Be sure to stay tuned in with Blend Games for more info and news, or drop by the Blend Games Forum for the latest discussion on your favorite titles.

Video provided by video.mmosite.com