This was a week for software milestones, as both Bethesda Softworks and Epic games have a reason to be proud. It seems that both companies blockbuster titles, The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion and Gears of War respectively, hit the three million units sold mark.

For Bethesda, this comes on the heels of the announcement of its expansion to Oblivion, dubbed The Shivering Isles. Keep in mind that this probably isn’t a coincidence, hitting 3 million in the same week? It’s likely they’ve just been withholding that information in order to snag themselves some good press to garner a bit of hype for the expansion.

This news really offers some perspective on just how big Gears of War has been. Think about it this way: Oblivion was a relative hit for the 360 back in early 2006. It had an eight month head start on Gears and in only 2 months, GOW has already begun to outpace it.

Looking ahead to the near future on 360 there isn’t going to be that much to play other than Crackdown which is still as yet unproven. So we may still see Gears number continue to grow based solely on the weakness of the 360’s early first-quarter and spring line-up.

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