In order to prevent gamers from buying used copies of Gears of War 2 and thus reducing their profits, Epic Games included a voucher in new copies of GoW2 that allowed players to download five classic maps from Gears of War for free. Supposedly these packs weren't going to be available without the voucher but lo and behold, it seems they're now on sale on Xbox Live.

The "Flashback" map pack is listed on for the meager price of 400 Microsoft Points. That comes out to about a buck per map. That's half the price of the "Combustible" Map Pack, though, again, these are old maps from GoW1 that have just been ported to GoW2. The old maps brought back to life are Mansion, Gridlock, Subway, Canals, and Tyro Station.

Is anyone surprised these maps went on sale? The content was already made so it's no wonder they'd try to earn a little extra cash from them. Might annoy people who were compelled into buying a slightly more expensive new copy by the offer of the free maps but there's probably an equal number of people who didn't know that they were missing out on a deal by buying a used copy.

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