Do you like games? Obviously, or else you wouldn't be wasting your time on this page. Do you like adventure titles? Perhaps, maybe that's why you're checking out this article for the point-and-click adventure game from Geeta Games called Lilly Looking Through. You like DRM-free gaming? Well, PC gamers wouldn't pirate games if they didn't like DRM-free games. Do you want a DRM-free copy of Lilly Looking Through? I think the answer to that is obvious.

Good Old Games decided to toss a free DRM-free copy of Lilly Looking Through as part of our coverage for the game that included an interview with the husband and wife development team that make up Geeta Games. helped setup the interview and they wanted to give away a free copy of the game for those interested in a brand new point-and-click adventure title. So what is Lilly Looking Through and why should you be interested? The game features a young girl named Lilly who goes off looking for her little brother. She ventures to various idyllic locations while utilizing the power of special goggles to teleport to exotic environments. Lilly has the ability to travel through time, rewrite history and alter the past. The game uses a beautiful art-style to transport gamers to a gorgeous and enchanting world.

You're probably wondering how the team came up with such an inventive little title? Well, a lot of it had to do with their daughter wearing swim goggles and combining that idea with classic Disney animated films and hand-painted backgrounds. The result is a cartoon-inspired game with an inviting look and classic point-and-click gameplay.

According to Geeta Games...
Many of our ideas come from trying to observe our world with fresh eyes. We have always had a keen interest in exploring nature and the limitless mysteries on Earth, which ultimately inspire the ideas for Lilly and her world.

The game has been a festering idea of sorts since 2009 but it didn't become a reality until 2011 and now the game is finally ready to see a release next week, but you have a chance to get your hands on the game early.

All you have to do is message us on our Facebook page and you're entered to win a free GOG code of Lilly Looking Through.

For more information feel free to visit the official website

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