It has to be somewhat disheartening to learn that you work in a sector, have a well paying job and spend lots of waking hours doing that job only to find out that technically your job isn't recorded in the Government spending reports and it's been valued at £0. Well, that's what happened when a new Government report was released indicating that Scotland's gaming sector is worth £0.

According to a news post by IncGamers the report is actually incorrect. While the report lists the video game sector in Scotland at a paltry 200 employees and a value of £0, IncGamers lists Rockstar North, which is located Calton Square, 1 Greenside Row, Edinburgh, Eh1 3ap, Scotland who currently has an estimated 182 employees under their wing. Inc also lists Denki, who is a registered company in Scotland. There's also Proper Games based in Dundee, Scotland who has 15 employees working in-house. Last but not least, Inc also lists Red Radiant Media who has about three employees and is also located in Scotland.

I don't know about anyone else but I'm trying to figure out how the report managed 200 employees when the companies listed kind of exceed that? That's not included any additional gaming studios in or around the Scotland region.

The moral of the story is that these askew numbers could ultimately hurt the sector in the long run because it may not receive the proper funding as necessary given that it looks as if the industry racks in zero profit and has a small number of employees.

Now take into account that I only listed the employees and locations that IncGamers covered. There are a lot more indie devs out there selling games as well.

I imagine if anyone caught enough wind of this the group in charge of carrying out the study might get a bit of a word lashing. Then again, it could have been a cynical Brit peeved about the Scottish and used it as a way to keep those flames fuming between the two groups.

You can check out the full report right here.

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