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Looks like Harry Potter’s Hogwartz is going to get a little competition when it comes to magic schools and turning out master magicians. NIS America’s GrimGrimoire brings RTS/RPG gameplay to the PS2 with an innovative 2D atmosphere and an easy-to-learn playing scheme to help newbies learn the ropes.

There hasn’t been a lot of press covering this game, but it’s definitely one of the more original titles that is seeing shelf life this summer. I mean, seriously, what the heck was up with Shadowrun and Call of Jaurez? Geesh. Anyway, GrimGrimoire introduces gamers to 2D, strategic army battling with up to sixteen monsters in four different magic categories.

But in addition to the game’s unique playing mechanics, GrimGrimoire is built around beautifully drawn images. It’s amazing that graphics can still look fantastic, without the need of the Unreal Engine 3 or the CryEngine 2. Nevertheless, the nature of the beast says a $60 price tag on a pseudo life-like model file will guarantee platinum sales, with the exception of Bullet Witch. But that’s because that game sucked. Anyway – back to the real meat and potatoes – GrimGrimoire contains some of the following key features, and soon you'll be able to check the game out at your local for the suggested retail price of $39.95.

GrimGrimoire Key Features:

, • Grimoire Battle System Summon p to 16 monster types from 4 different magic categories. Each category is stronger and weaker from another, so summon monsters according to your adversary.

• Side Scrolling Battle Map Departing from the console n-friendly birds eye view of the

• RTS battle map GrimGrimoire adopts a simple yet unique side view map. The 2D view allows players to quickly acknowledge the situation and navigate to battle enemies.

• 50 challenging stages There are p to 50 challenging stages for players to enjoy. Each stage can be revisited through an intuitive bookshelf system that keeps all the stages vis ally in order for easy access.

• Stunning 2D Visuals Prepare to be st nned by the animated “artwork ” both in and o t of the battles of GrimGrimoire.

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