With the launch trailer preceding the launch of the game by a few days, word has finally arrived that the game itself has landed on the Appstore. Gamers looking for some isometric, 3D action on their iPhone can now purchase Guerrilla Bob.

According to the press release…
Level by level, follow Bob to taste the thrill for the kill! You must help Bob make his way through the dangerous canyons, steep deserts and dreadful towns. To do this, he must not only survive the countless attacks, but also explore the land in search of new arsenal and secret items.

The game is hands-down a new-age classic for mobile gaming. It features easy-on-the-eyes graphics with fast-paced combat and plenty of firearms to lay waste to countless enemies. I’m thinking Angry Mob Games has a real sleeper hit on their hands with this game.

You can purchase Guerrilla Bob from the Appstore or visit the Official Website for more information on the game.

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