This morning ArenaNet provided a full run-down on "Lost Shores," the November content update for their MMO Guild Wars 2. In addition to providing veterans with new activities, the update will give new players a chance to jump in.

Starting on November 15th, players who have already bought the game will be able to invite three friends to a free trial. These players will be able to try out the game until November 18th. There's no mention of restrictions other than the time limit.

The 15th is also the day that the full "Lost Shores" update is released. It will introduce a new zone for players of all levels to explore. A new dungeon and PvP map are also in the cards. Players will be able to earn new gear and new crafting recipes.

The day after "Lost Shore" is released, a one-time event will begin. ArenaNet reiterated their earlier claims that it will permanently change the game world. The event will wrap up on the 19th.

Screenshots of the new zone, dungeon and PvP battleground are below.


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