Hamlet or the Last Game without MMORPG features, Shaders or Product Placement has recently become available. It’s a rather long-winded title for a game, no? Well, it’s true that just about every other mainstream game out there these days is all about housing MMORPG features where they aren’t needed, shaders for graphic cards most PC gamers don’t have and product placement to earn some extra cash. Alawar Entertainment’s Hamlet is a game unlike many others and is currently available to try or buy.

According to the press release…
It may be based on a literary classic, but mif2000’s Hamlet is not your English teacher’s Shakespeare. The game reconstructs the Bard’s drama by dropping an explorer from the future onto the scene of Prince Hamlet’s bloody revenge. The player must guide this man on an absurdist mission to save Hamlet’s beloved Ophelia from the clutches of the evil King Claudius.

The game is a quirky take on the classic literary tale with a hilarious art-style and traditional adventure game mechanics, including point-and-click puzzles and mind-boggling tasks. The game also sports 25 different levels to tough through and a peculiar cast of characters to interact with.

Kirill Plotnikov, Alawar Entertainment’s Vice President of Publishing commented in the press reelase, saying…
“Alawar started out as an independent game developer, so we truly understand the unique needs of indie developers and their projects. We’ve enjoyed collaborating with mif2000 and hope for many more opportunities to publish creative indie games like Hamlet in the future.”

You can try the game out or purchase it for only $9.95. For more information on Hamlet or the Last Game without MMORPG features, shaders or product placement, be sure to visit the Official Website.

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