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If you thought BigWorld Tech’s 10,000 players in one shard was big, Simutronics proprietary HeroEngine, with the new update, now sports up to 100,000 players in one world. Any development team utilizing this engine is bound to make a big impact in the world of MMO gaming. Oh wait, Bioware is already using it for the Knights of the Old Republic MMO.

"Creative visionaries are no longer bound by arbitrary limits on the size of their virtual worlds or how areas in those worlds can connect together”, said Simutronics CEO and HeroEngine Architect David Whatley. “And, they can choose to run their virtual worlds on Windows or Linux, or any combination, in order to meet their cost and performance goals.”

Not to jump topics, but not too long ago here on Blend Games we reported on Zenimax working on an MMO using the HeroEngine, and there’s suspicions that it could be an Elder Scrolls MMO. How magnificent would that be, having more than 100,000 players all in one world, populating the game as if it were a living, breathing online society? Yeah, it's like a man-nerds' dream come true.

The press release also points out that, “…the choice of Microsoft Windows Server or Linux allows development teams to choose the operating system and hardware combination that meets their needs. And, both Windows and Linux servers are fully interoperable in the same environment.”

Need to learn more about the HeroEngine or what some of the latest games are utilizing the technology? Feel free to visit the Official HeroEngine Website. And be sure to stay tuned in with Blend Games for further news and updates regarding all things gaming.

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