Guinness World Records announced today that Wii shooter House of the Dead: Overkill will appear in Guinness World Records Gamer’s Edition because it contains more swear words than any other video game in history. It seems the F-word is used a whopping 189 times throughout the game's campaign.

Guinness notes that the 189 F-Bombs averages out to one per minute over the course of the game's three hours. The swear word made up 3% of all the dialogue. It's paltry compared to the 292 F-Bombs used in the 2-hour long film The Big Lebowski but still pretty impressive considering how little dialogue the game had.

"Parodying the profane excess of grindhouse cinema was Headstrong Games’ objective," said Overkill writer Jonathan Burroughs. "I am flattered that this record acknowledges that we not only rose to that challenge, but entirely exceeded it.”

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