Get In The Water
Get In The Water
The Chicago Police Department apparently suffered some steep budget cuts in Watch Dogs. They don't own a single boat. It's illogical and unrealistic but also really helpful to you.

If you're having trouble shaking the police through normal means, just drive to the coast. Hop in a boat if you can find one but otherwise just leap in the water and swim away. The cops will be helpless to stop you. Find a fast enough boat and you'll be able to zip out of the search radius and go back to your normal business.

Helicopters can still cause problems, of course. This is another reason for you to upgrade your hacking skills early. There's a hacking ability that lets you disable a chopper for 15 to 30 seconds. Use this window of time to hide under a bridge or in some other enclosed area. Certain boats are also quick enough to outrun helicopters as long as you have enough open water ahead of you.

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