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So you work hard everyday, putting in the hours, grinding out the time with focused concentration and at the end of the week you look for your paycheck and turns out you’ve been had. Not only that, you aren’t getting paid for your hours and it just ruins the experience of earning cash altogether. Yep, it can happen like that in real life. However, this isn’t real life where people are getting screwed out of their paychecks (well, it is happening but that’s not the point of the article)

Gamers who work hard and grind with great effort in IGG’s 2029 Online have complained that they’re being cheated by the system. So IGG has announced that they’re stepping in like Barack Obama on insurance companies, and making sure something is held accountable and it’s not the people putting in the grinding hours either. Actually, it's the salary management in the game that's getting a redo.

According to the press release…
Despite the broad appeal salaries have elicited from players, they have come under fire recently due to a malfunction in the system. Using players’ feedback, the developers have taken this opportunity to not only fix the problem, but also revamp the system. A much more sophisticated version of the salary system will give players more convenient options for claiming their salaries

The new system simply has any player of any level, hardcore or casual, to log-in daily (or multiple times if you want) and receive payment from the Attendance Reporter NPC. Like Obama’s health-plan, there are still some kinks that need to be worked out but it ensures that everyone gets their fair share. I’m sure hardcore 2029 Online capitalist will have a piss-poor attitude about this but they’re also probably the same people selling high-grade armor for millions of dollars that hardly anyone else can afford.

The press release further stated that…
In the old system, players were paid based on the time they spent grinding in the field. They had to constantly monitor their total grinding time with an NPC and finally claim their salary on Mondays. Mind-numbing monster grinding was not an ideal way to promote fun in the game, forcing players to spend too much time trying to earn their salary.

Want more details on the new socialist payroll system in 2029 Online? Feel free to visit the Official Website. For more gaming news, updates, info and insight, be sure to stay tuned in with Blend Games.

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