Benjamin Rivers' adventure horror game Home will expand beyond the PC in 2013. Rivers revealed today that the game will be released on several new platforms.

On the game's website, he said he's "hoping" to release the game on IOS and Mac. An Android version might also be in the cards. However, his exact words were "possibly Android" so that port sounds less likely than the others.

Home is a 2D pixel horror game. The player wakes up to find themselves in a dark, unknown house. They must explore the home and solve a murder. The game subtly changes over time based on player decisions.

The website of Home has a poll where you can say whether you want to play the game on iPhone, iPad, Mac or Android. You're also asked to leave your email address. You'll get an email when the Mac/mobile release dates are finalized.

Home is currently 50% off on Steam for the holiday sale. You can pick up the game for $1.50 between now and this weekend.

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