Zero Point Interactive's highly awaited first-person shooter, Interstellar Marines, is on the receiving end of a brand new playable scenario called "Running Man". The exercise sees players taking on wave after wave of increasingly difficult cyborg training machines.

Unlike the other playable segments for Interstellar Marines the “Running Man” (which has nothing to do with the early 90s flick based on the Stephen King book with the Governator) lets players run freely around and experience a lot of the freedom the game has to offer.

In the press release, Kim Haar Jørgensen, Game Director, Zero Point Software commented saying...
”players will experience complete freedom of movement and they will need to move fast to survive the waves of charging Training Robots. At the same time Running Man sets a series of events in motion, which eventually will lead to the revelation of the back story of the Interstellar Marines trilogy”

I must say, the one game on PC I’m definitely looking forward to more than any other title at present is probably Interstellar Marines. The game has such a grand concept and an artistically distinctive scope to its presentation that it literally makes you want to see and experience more.

You can check out a brief “Running Man” teaser below or visit the Official Interstellar Marines Website to get in some play time with the new game mode.

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