Jagged Alliance fans have had it rough ever since Sir-Tech made it known that they were having a tough time getting the finances in order to complete Jagged Alliance 3. Worse yet is the disappearance of Jagged Alliance 3 altogether. However, GFI has picked up the reigns and is now finishing up the unofficial sequel to Jagged Alliance, JAZZ: Hired Guns.

If you were a fan of Sir-Tech’s original tactical, turn-based, war game then you won’t be disappointed with GFI’s take on the tongue-in-cheek, military strategy simulation. Hands-down JA2 was one of my favorite games of all time, and GFI’s JAZZ: Hired Guns could easily become a sleeper-hit, given the proper promotion....Or if video game reporters gave a rats behind, which they probably don’t.

Anyway, the real news of the day is that the game is 80% complete and is expected to hit retailer shelves within the next couple of months. For gamers who are interested in getting a little more insight in the game’s characters you can visit the JAZZ: Hired Guns Website.

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