Stranglehold is definitely the next step in the third-person shooting genre. Elevating the interactive experience from the series of Max Payne, and toward John Woo’s own theatrical reliance on effects...Stranglehold’s appearance on next-gen platforms is nothing short of an exhilarating wait. You can check out what John Woo had to say about the game, movie making, and the difference between the two.

Game Trailers’ interview with John Woo covers most of what we – the gamers – have asked ourselves when seeing trailers of Stranglehold: How much influence did John Woo have on the game? Does the game really mirror the legendary director’s style and nuisance? And will Stranglehold not suck? Well, the last question wasn't asked out-right, but it was sneakily implied. Most questions regarding the game are answered. And as a simple observation, it appears Mr. Woo really did have very little to do with the actual direction of the game. Sad, but not surprising. You can check out the interview below.

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