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One of the more popular games that managed to make a name for itself during the flood of street-racing, tuner simulators, was Juiced. Even though the game suffered from disappointing racing mechanics, it sold like crazy, nonetheless. So now Juiced 2 is on the horizon and there’s a new trailer that exhibits some fine gameplay.

Though some hardcore simulation fans might say that Juiced is second-rate in comparison to Forza, you at least have to give them props for making the game arcade-friendly. The only downside is that the game still shows limited damage effects and that’s kind of a bummer. Nevertheless, you can’t knock the fact that there’s tons of tuner options for the automobile inclined.

The trailer will show car aficionados a small sampling of what kind of car mods will be available, along with some decent racing action. One thing of particular note is the drifting challenge – the cars dynamically drift in a really cool way. For non-racing fans this probably won’t look like much, but fans of the original Juiced will definitely have something to look forward to when Juiced 2 is released for the Xbox 360 and PS3.

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